Wellingborough Council issues autumn safety advice

People in the borough of Wellingborough have been given advice on how to stay safe this autumn.

Wellingborough Council, Northants Police and the county’s fire service have issued safety tips to make sure seasonal festivities such as Halloween and Bonfire Night can be enjoyed by everyone.

Amanda Wilcox, principal environmental health manager at Wellingborough Council, said: “Autumn is a great time of year for families to come together and celebrate Halloween and Bonfire Night.

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“We would urge residents to be responsible when out and about trick- or-treating or attending a Bonfire Night celebration and keep an eye on youngsters and senior citizens to make sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time.”

The safety advice given says:

- Don’t knock on doors where you see a ‘no trick or treat sign’, and try and stick to houses that are decorated with pumpkins outside.

- Parents, be sure to accompany your little ones while out and about and plan your route beforehand, going to houses where you know the residents.

- Stay in places that are well lit, and take a torch with you.

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- Pop your pumpkins in your compost bin once they’re finished with.

- Supervise young children away from fireworks, bonfires and sparklers.

- Sparklers should be kept away from children under five.

- If you’re hosting a Bonfire Party, only buy fireworks from a licenced retailer with a CE mark.

- Ensure that fireworks are lit away from properties at arms length and always have a bucket of water handy.

- At the end of the night, pour water on the embers and make sure that you collect all used fireworks and, once they’re completely cool, dispose of them in black bins.