Wellingborough carnival raffle ticket from 1965 is a blast from the past

A ton of coal, a parcel of tinned meat and four dozen eggs – just some of the raffle prizes up for grabs at Wellingborough carnival in 1965.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 31st March 2019, 6:00 am

Reader John Ward stumbled across a raffle ticket from the annual event recently during a clear-out.

He said: “I came across a pile of ‘old world’ Wellingborough stuff in various forms that I have hoarded over the years and one item caught my eye.

“It’s a Wellingborough carnival raffle ticket – its quite a size as it’s nearly seven by five inches – from 1965 that for the princely sum of a shilling (5p in today’s money) it also included admission to the carnival fete which was then held in Bassetts Close on that Saturday.

“The list of prizes listed on the back is quite something.

“in those days the event was very well supported by the town – there were 10 major prizes plus over 40 other prizes all donated by local businesses or concerns.

“Among the major prizes was a ton of coal – at today’s prices, quite a prize to win!

“Although I recall something my father told me afterwards as he stood with a friend waiting as the numbers were being drawn out that night.

“He said to father he hoped he did not win the ton of coal – curious, father asked him why and he replied he was on his bicycle and would not be able to take it home that night.

“The fact delivery was included had eluded him slightly it seems!

“Sadly many of the businesses listed are no longer there but it’s interesting to see once again the names of some of the shops I used to patronise or just walk past that still bring back memories today.”