Wellingborough academy and its pupils deemed 'world class' after assessment

A Wellingborough academy has been awarded a world class mark by an education board, becoming the only school in Northamptonshire to receive the accolade.
Sir Christopher Hatton Academy (Picture: Google)Sir Christopher Hatton Academy (Picture: Google)
Sir Christopher Hatton Academy (Picture: Google)

Sir Christopher Hatton Academy, in The Pyghtle, was recognised by the World Class Schools Quality Mark (WCSQM), a group of education experts who give they mark to non-selective state schools who apply for accreditation.

The final stage of the accreditation process, the assessment centre event, took place at Coventry's Riverbank Academy.

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As part of the assessment, the 72 potential 'world class' students were required to work in teams to develop the Riverbank Academy's school grounds to promote accessibility, independence and a love of learning for their students.

Victoria Bishop, the academy's executive principal, said: "The World Schools Mark is the icing on the top of an incredible year for our lead trust school.

"This accolade is a testament to the hard work of the students, and also the outstanding staff who go above and beyond every day for children’s education. Congratulations to all."

Pupils at schools applying for the WCSQM mark need to perform highly at Key Stage 2 or 4 before it is invited to apply for the award.

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The award’s uniqueness lies in the fact the students are assessed with regard to whether they themselves are world class, rather than the school itself.

WCSQM believes that if a school is truly world class, then its students should be able to demonstrate this in whatever context they find themselves.

Clare Raku, head of school, said: "I am thrilled for the academy, its staff and students that we have successfully achieved this prestigious award.

"It is a true credit to our students who demonstrated that we are indeed world class, this continues our journey to beyond' outstanding’ and ends what has been another hugely successful and exciting year for the academy."