VIDEO AND PICTURE SPECIAL: Spectacular Vulcan XH558 wows as it takes to the skies

The world’s only flying Avro Vulcan was caught on camera yesterday as it flew across Northamptonshire and Leicestershire.

The Vulcan XH558 performed at Sywell Aerodrome yesterday at around 4.30pm after spending the afternoon flying between the two counties.

Gary Burt Dodd, who captured the Vulcan on film at Sywell, said: “She was flying with the Blades first off then did a solo display with landing gear down, bomb bay doors open, then a big howl at the end.”

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People took to social media after seeing the impressive aircraft.

Geoff Chalmers said: “Flying around Northampton for the best part of two hours. Very nice.”

Alison Pearson said: “I saw it at 3:20 flying over Finedon Road in Wellingborough, did a complete turn in front of me really low and left the small aircraft to go back to Sywell. Looked impressive.”

Lynn Krumfort said: “What a sight! Saw it as I was picking up my child from school in Irthlingborough. Did a complete turn in the sky, so low as well!”

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Pete Menace Mendez said: “I was fishing in Walgrave and it flew right over my head......twice!!”

Angela Busby said: “You can’t beat this sight!”

Yvonne Soan said: “I saw it over Brixworth - great to see.”

Liz Powell said: “Flew low right over my house in Rothwell, what a roar!!”

Kate Jacobson said: “We saw it about 6 times in Brixworth. Was awesome!!!”

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Ceri Hadland said: “It went straight over my head in Market Harborough.”

Jackie Pike said: “Saw it fly over Potterspury this afternoon,......what a sight ....marvellous.”

Vulcan XH558 is owned and operated by Vulcan to the Sky Trust, a British charity established to maintain and operate the aircraft.

Its last flight will take place this year before being grounded.

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On its website a statement reads: “The Avro Vulcan is an iconic example of British aerospace engineering at its world-beating best. Its impressive list of technical achievements includes being the first successful large delta wing aircraft, leading directly to Concorde and the Space Shuttle, and delivering performance and agility so close to a jet fighter’s that it was given a fighter-style control column in place of the traditional bomber pilot’s yoke.

“Today that agility allows XH558 to deliver amazing air displays, which unfortunately must finish this year as her time as a flying aircraft draws to an end.”

Among the social media comments yesterday were people disappointed they wouldn’t see the Vulcan again after this year.

Stacey Goode said: “I saw it flying yesterday at RAF Fairford !! What an amazing aircraft. Almost brought a tear to my knowing it will be the last time I’ll ever see it fly.”

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Maggie Walker said: “Just adore this ole lady of the skies....beautiful sound, awesome design and wonderful memories of Farnborough (Hants) Air Show, watching her on her landing path at the bottom of my childhood garden. House shook. Goosebump times.”

Stephen Webster said: “Best of British but never to be seen fly again after this year’s season. Such a shame she’s stunning.”

David Ashton said: “Still an amazing sight , should be lottery funded to keep it flying after the end of this year.”

Gloria Ray said: “It flew over my head when I was cutting my hedge. It was making a quiet whistling noise till it passed over my head then there was the loud roar if the engines. A fantastic sight, such a shame it is going to be grounded.”