Vegan cafe to open in Kettering

The Market Street unit.The Market Street unit.
The Market Street unit.
Those popping out for something to eat in Kettering will have a different cuisine to try when a vegan cafe opens.

Pure Morning will open at the end of June in the Market Street unit previously occupied by Mangiamo and then Piccadilly’s.

The cafe will serve fresh signature blend coffee, loose teas, vegan smoothies, snacks and cakes will be owned by the husband and wife duo of Andrew and Ijahkay Beckett.

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Andrew said: “The more and more we did the maths we realised it was a viable option.

“About one per cent of the population is vegan but the food can be eaten by pretty much anyone.

“As long as we serve them a decent sandwich, a decent coffee, a decent cake, they’ll come.”

Andrew went ‘cold turkey’ from meat and animal products straight after Christmas Day last year after hearing how his personal trainer had done the same.

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He thought about opening a vegan cafe after struggling to find vegan-friendly prodcuts in coffee houses in the town.

He said: “We were in town and I just felt like having a piece of cake and I realised I couldn’t because of the contents.

“We went to a couple of coffee shops and it was the same thing, there wasn’t anything for a vegan.”

The couple have lived in Kettering for five years having previously lived in London.

Andrew said they will be ‘part of the community’.

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He said: “Eighty per cent of our produce is sourced within 15 to 20 miles of Kettering.

“We’re very much focused on using local businesses as much as we can and we’ll also have a wall for art students at Tresham College to display their work.

“We will be part of the community but offering a healthy option.”

The Becketts are already planning on expanding into Northampton next year.

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But the Kettering cafe will be Andrew’s first eatery, having previously worked in the motor sales trade.

He said: “I had wanted to get out of the corporate world for a long time.

“I wanted to be the master of my own destiny and now I can do that.”