Met Office warns Northamptonshire to expect a foggy start to Monday

Poor visibility and ice could be a problem as temperatures tumble overnight

Sunday, 6th December 2020, 7:46 pm
Updated Sunday, 6th December 2020, 7:49 pm

Early-morning travellers are being warned to allow extra time for their journeys on Monday morning as ice and fog is expected to causes problems across parts of Norhamptonshire.

The Met Office issued a yellow warning covering 4am through to 11am and expected visibility to drop to less than 100 metres in places, especially in the north and east of the county.

A spokesman said: "Fog and freezing fog patches are expected to persist over parts of east and southeast England overnight into Monday as well as spreading further south and west.

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"The visibility will drop to less than 100m in places and with the increased traffic volumes on Monday morning some transport disruption is possible.

Sunday night will be largely dry, with clear spells and feeling rather cold, with a widespread sharp frost and a minimum temperature -4°C.

"Monday will see a cold and frosty start with some freezing fog patches in places, which will be slow to clear during the day. It will feel cold with a maximum temperature of 7°C."

The Highway Code has tips for driving in fog, including:

Drivers are being advised to allow extra time for Monday morning journeys

■ Use dipped headlights, wipers and demisters.

■ Use fog lights when you need to.

■ Beware of other drivers not using headlights.

■ Only drive as fast as conditions allow.

A Met Office warning for fog will be in force until 11am on Monday

■ Slow down so you can stop in the distance you can see clearly.

■ Allow 3 seconds instead of 2 between you and the car in front.

■ Check your mirrors before you slow down.

■ Open your window to listen for traffic at junctions if you can’t see.

What you shouldn’t do when driving in fog:

Don't rely on automatic lights – they might not come on in fog.

■ Don't rely on daytime running lights alone – they only light the front.

■ Don’t tail another car’s rear lights - it can give a false sense of security and it's dangerous.

■ Don't speed up to get away from a vehicle that’s too close behind you.

Remember that when it’s foggy, it can be harder to tell if other vehicles are moving. Many accidents happen because drivers don’t realise that the car in front of them has stopped. That’s why it’s safer to slow down and leave a bigger stopping distance.