The EU referendum 12 days on: What Kettering is thinking

Kettering was the first place in the county to announce its EU referendum result.

Twelve days on from that momentous decision, in which 61 per cent of those who turned out voting to leave, Thomas Marriott took to the streets of the town to find out what people are now thinking.

Dyliwyn Lloyd, 65, visiting the town, said: “I voted to leave and I’m happy we’ve left.

“We needed to get control of our country back, definitely.

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“I am disappointed in the lack of exit strategy though. There was no plan!

“The only people who are unhappy with the result are the ones in London who have the money.

“I think David Cameron is happy with the result and the idea of a second vote is fine, because we would still leave.

“This result has been more of a protest vote.”

Jayne Butlin, 53, said: “I voted to leave, it was an unknown quantity and it’s difficult now but we definitely should not panic.

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“The state of the country will get much better with time, it’s very much like the stockmarket situation.

“It will level out eventually.”

Some people could see the pros and cons of leaving.

Kettering resident Mr Caswell, 62, said: “Financially, I think we should have stayed in the EU.

“I think that it works both ways as both arguments present some good points.

“I think we should have stayed but the immigrant situation is getting out of hand, we don’t have the space to be in the EU.”

For other people the outcome poses some specific problems.

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Sally Hunt, 54, said: “I’m actually a resident of Spain, I’ve lived and worked there for over 15 years and because of that, we weren’t actually allowed to vote.

“I understand why we can’t vote in a general election but this isn’t fair.

“It’s caused a lot of problems with European health insurance and as for my work abroad, I don’t know how it will affect my pension.

“Even UK driving licences will be affected.

“I’ve not experienced any change this week, but I’m sure it’ll come in the future.

“I would’ve voted to stay.”

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Ashley Smith, of Kettering, said his girlfriend is from The Netherlands, but he believes leaving the EU is a positive thing.

He said “I don’t vote. I choose not to vote because I’m an individual.

“I think it was a good thing that we have left the EU but it will make things a lot harder with my girlfriend.”