'Thanks for making our December hell': Wellingborough family receive angry anonymous letter from neighbours complaining about Christmas lights

An angry neighbour sent a Wellingborough family an anonymous letter complaining that their Christmas light display made their December "hell".

Thursday, 24th January 2019, 9:17 am
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 6:01 pm
Every year Karl Beetson - pictured here in 2014 - decorates his house and since 2007 has raised 24,000 pounds for charity through donations since 2007

The Beetsons have raised almost £24,000 for charity since 2007 through donations from people that have enjoyed their festive display.

But some residents were less than happy and opted to voice their discontent through the medium of an anonymous letter, dated December 31.

The anonymous letter

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The i newsletter cut through the noise

It read: "Just a note of thanks from a few of us for making our December/Christmas, absolute HELL again.

"The constant noise, the traffic and on occasions being unable to get on or off our own driveways is not why we chose Torrington Road.

"Maybe next year you can consider others and have your over the top display somewhere other than on a residential housing estate."

Karl Beetson took to Facebook to expose the incognito 'bah humbug' and address their concerns.

He said traffic was managed as best as possible with the help of road closures, parking reminders, cones and signage.

Mr Beetson argued the noise heard for six hours between 4pm and 10pm was not constant and said the volume faded from 9pm to abide with noise abatement cut-off laws.

He also said he openly invited his neighbours to raise any issues and concerns at any time.

"We are wondering who the cowardly person is as they didn't hand deliver, use any handwriting or sign it," he wrote on the Facebook group 'Beetson's Christmas Lights'.

"This person is a total bah humbug and must be a very miserable character.

"Four weeks of the year that's it giving happiness and raising money for charities."

"We also have to disagree that it's absolute hell, we think the people who are supported by the two 2018 charities Mind for mental health and Chelsea's Angels face a real hell and battle each and every day. Perspective please," he added.

"Our family has been touched by the support and comments from people since they heard about the negative feedback we received and we are already thinking about how to make 2019 bigger and brighter for another charity."