Tenants must buy or leave rented properties on Boughton Estate in Kettering

Some of the houses are in Warkton
Some of the houses are in Warkton

Tenants have been told they must buy or leave their rented properties on land owned by the Duke of Buccleuch as the houses go on the market.

The houses form part of the Boughton Estate, which according to its website has a varied portfolio of rental properties ranging from cosy thatched cottages to grand 17th century historic buildings.

One tenant contacted the Northants Telegraph to say letters have been sent to a number of people about the end of their tenancy agreements, albeit without the option of renewing it.

They said they knew of one person who has lived there for nearly 40 years but had received a letter saying they have three months to leave.

And now they are fearful of receiving a similar letter through their door.

However, Rachael Gladstone-Brown, estate manager for the Boughton Estate, said discussions with tenants have ‘generally been amicable.’

She said: “We have seven residential properties in Northamptonshire that are currently being offered for sale.

“Two of these properties are vacant.

“The tenants who occupy the other properties can make an offer to purchase the property if they are interested in doing so.

“Tenants who have no interest in purchasing have been advised the assured short-term leases on which they occupy the properties – which are year-long leases - will not be renewed and have been given notice periods of between three and six months.

“Discussions with tenants have generally been amicable and we are here to help anyone with any concerns.”

A spokesman for the estate added that the houses which are for sale are in Grafton, Warkton and Geddington and these represent a very small percentage of the total number of properties on the estate, which is about 400.

The official website for the Boughton Estate says anyone looking for an elegant home in the country should consider one of Boughton’s rental properties.

The properties are predominantly spread across four estate villages, each of which is described as a thriving rural community in its own right.