Technical problems lead to X-ray delays at KGH

Technical problems because of a new system have caused delays in receiving radiology results at KGH, it has been revealed.

Thursday, 23rd June 2016, 3:05 am
Technical problems because of a new system have caused tailbacks in receiving radiology results at KGH, it has been revealed.

A number of patients had voiced their concerns after waiting longer than expected to receive results of scans and X-rays, with speculation that the unit was short-staffed.

But it has now been confirmed that the delays are down to teething problems after the introduction of a new imaging system.

Kettering General Hospital’s chief operating officer Rebecca Brown said the new system will have significant benefits, but apologised for the delays.

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She said: “The trust is currently embedding a new digital radiology imaging system which we connected to in early June.

“The benefits of doing this are very significant because we will be able to share images with six other hospitals in the East Midlands as well as the new system providing us with an excellent electronic database of our own medical imaging.

“While we have always shared images between other specialist hospitals to benefit patients – for example when discussing cancer cases – the new system will enable us to do this much more quickly and securely – literally at the touch of a button.

“In the first few weeks of using the new system we have had to work through some technical problems and this has unfortunately led to some delays for patients who have had to wait longer than we would normally expect for their results.

“We would like to apologise to all the patients concerned and assure them we are working hard to resolve the issues and clear the backlogs as soon as possible.”

One of those affected by the delays was Mandy Hull’s 84-year-old mother-in-law, who had an X-ray after suffering a fall.

She visited her doctor and was referred for a scan but only got her results on Monday - four weeks later.

Mrs Hull, from Burton Latimer, says ‘untold damage’ could be done in that waiting time.

She said: “I was promised the results in a week so they did not deliver my expectations.

“In four weeks, had something been fractured, untold damage could have been done.

“Luckily my mother-in-law is fine but she couldn’t walk at one point.

“If they knew they were getting a new system in why was it not planned for properly?

“It just makes you think that you shouldn’t do the right thing and just go to casualty.”