Still no Post Office for Corby town centre

Four months on from the closure of the town's Post Office, that was based at the Co-op in Alexandra Road, and there's still no sign of a new venue.

Wednesday, 1st June 2016, 5:30 am
Updated Wednesday, 1st June 2016, 12:48 pm

People living in the town- thought to be one of the largest in the country without a main post office - have to travel to the alternatives in the Old Village or in Studfall Avenue.

A public consultation was held in February into whether the post office should be re-sited at a unit in New Post Office Square.

But since then, it’s all gone quiet.

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A Post Office spokesman this week said they were still not in a position to make any announcement.

Ida McBlain, 78, from Corby said that it had been tough not having a Post Office in the town centre. She said: “Anywhere else is hard to get to really. I walk into town most days but I only live a short distance away so I can manage it. I used to go to the Post Office at least once a week.

“Now I have to get my neighbour to go out to Studfall when she’s going which is sometimes only once every couple of weeks.

“It’s very inconvenient.”

John Wall, 79, said: “It’s silly that a town like Corby doesn’t have a Post Office. How are old people supposed to get out to the Old Village if they have no transport?”

Sammy Quirke, 26, from the Kingswood estate, said: “It’s a nightmare not having a Post Office. I used to use it to post my ebay parcels and it meant it could do my shopping in town at the same time. I hope they get a move-on and open a new one.”

The Post Office in Alexandra Road closed on January 23 after it was decided to shut the Co-op supermarket in which it was based.

Corby’s pre-war Post Office was in Rockingham Road in the building now occupied by Decades. It was moved to New Post Office Square in the 1950s when the new town centre was built. Then it was moved to the Co-op in 2006 after the building was deemed to be too expensive.