Sister of Corby’s brave Eve to take on London Marathon

The sister of a brave Corby girl who died of cancer aged just 11 will run the London Marathon in her memory.

Beth, Eve and Meg Lyons
Beth, Eve and Meg Lyons

Eve Lyons died from childhood bone cancer Ewing’s Sarcoma in 2017 after a two-year battle.

Her sister Meg, 24, will now take on the famous 26.2 mile route this year to raise money for charity Children with Cancer.

Eve died from the cancer in 2017

Meg, an actress who now lives in London, recalled the heartbreaking moment the Lyons family found out about Eve’s illness.

She said: “In 2015 my family’s lives were changed. Eve had fallen over in a race at school. This led to my parents being told three days later that their nine-year-old daughter had Stage 4 Ewing’s Sarcoma.

“I was the only one not at home as I was studying in Guildford. I remember receiving a phone call that opened my eyes to true pain and sadness.

“On social media we told people how well she’s doing or that she made it to school or that she’s not needing blood today to stay positive.

Eve Lyons touched the hearts of the nation

“But the truth is the first year was full of scans, blood transfusions, nights sleeping in hospitals, chemo, radiotherapy, missing parties, screams, cries, missing days out and pain.”

In 2016 the family was told the tumour had gone, but she still had to overcome cancerous cells in her bones.

The second year was harder for Eve which led to her mum Suzanne moving to Nottingham for her radiotherapy. Before that they spent most days at Leicester Infirmary with nurses who are now friends for life.

Meg said: “The nurses would fight over who had Eve in their section because she was so funny and happy.

“Her positive outlook has made me grow up and tell myself I can do what I want in life.

“In 2017 my mum, dad, my sister Beth and I were told to have a meeting with Eve’s doctor.

“We were given a list of treatments we could give to Eve. We were also told when that list is over they cannot do anything else. At this point we gave Eve everything she needed and wanted.

“She would always sleep in my parents’ bed but on June 23, 2017, Eve asked to stay in her own bed. On the morning of June 24 I received a phone call from my sister saying my uncle was on his way to get me.

“I had to sit in a two-hour car journey wondering what was going on. I finally got to my house and walked upstairs to Eve’s room. The whole family were sitting round her bed. At this point she was unable to speak.

“They gave me 15 minutes with her on my own and at 11.30am Eve smiled and passed away.

“My life is not the same. My family’s life is not the same. But Eve has changed my life, she has made me into a better person. To live life and love everyone, be positive.

“So that is why I am running this marathon to tell Eve that I can tick something else off my list because I’m still living and have so many opportunities.”

In her short life, Eve touched the hearts of many across the whole of the UK.

She was the face of a childhood cancer TV fundraising campaign and in March 2018 a short film of her battle was shown as part of Channel 4’s Great Celebrity Bake Off.

Only at the end were viewers told that she had died after recording it.

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