REVEALED: The best and worst GP surgeries in Corby as rated by you

Studfall Medical Centre is the best GP surgery in Corby, according to the results of a patient survey.

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doctor gv PPP-140406-120806001

The surgery in Studfall Court came out on top with 96 per cent of patients who go there under the care of Dr Kumar saying they had a ‘good’ experience.

Dr Sumira, who runs services out of Studfall Medical Centre as well as Weldon Surgery, came second with 94 per cent.

All the town’s providers scored higher than the national average of 85 per cent, apart from Lakeside Healthcare.

Lakeside Healthcare, the largest GP-led single ‘super-practice’ in the NHS, scored 73 per cent.

Lakeside comprises of the Lakeside Surgery, Forest Gate Surgery and Brigstock Surgery.

Dr Kumar’s and Dr Sumira’s services also came out on top for the number of patients saying it was easy to get through to someone on the phone, helpfulness of receptionists, convenience of appointments and waiting times.

Lakeside and Dr Khalid, operating as Woodsend Medical Centre, scored the highest in the percentage of patients saying they had trust in their GP with an impressive 98 per cent.

Great Oakley Medical Centre scored 94 per cent, just below the national average of 95 per cent for trusting GPs.

Great Oakley Medical Centre and Lakeside both fell well below the national average of 58 per cent of patients who don’t normally have to wait too long to be seen.

Lakeside scored 47 per cent with Greak Oakley Medical Centre scoring 46 per cent.

Just 31 per cent of patients under Lakeside’s care said it was easy to get through on the phone.

As a clinical commissioning group, Corby CCG on average performed execptionally for trust in GPs and nurses.

However, the CCG admits it has work to do in areas involving appointments and waiting times.

A spokesman for NHS Corby CCG said: “In NHS Corby CCG, 1,582 GP Patient Survey questionnaires were sent out and 562 were returned completed. This represents a response rate of 36 per cent.

“We are proud to announce that the CCG is rated as one of the highest CCGs nationally for confidence and trust in their GP, confidence and trust in their nurse and helpfulness of receptionists.

“However, we do recognise areas of concern which include convenience of appointments, experience of making appointment, waiting time, satisfaction of opening times and satisfaction of out of hours.

“These issues were reflected in the results of a survey we carried out earlier this year when we asked the people of Corby what they thought about healthcare services in the town.

“Variation between surgeries exists so the situation is complex but the CCG is currently exploring ways of improving GP access and addressing these issues.”

Percentage of patients who said they had a ‘good’ experience at their GP surgery (national average 85 per cent):

Lakeside Healthcare (Lakeside Surgery, Forest Gate Surgery and Brigstock Surgery) - 73 per cent

Dr Khalid and Partners (Woodsend Medical Centre) - 90 per cent

Great Oakley Medical Centre - 90 per cent

Dr Sumira (Studfall Medical Centre/Weldon Surgery) - 94 per cent

Dr Kumar and Partner Studfall Medical Centre - 96 per cent