REVEALED: 41 famous people who were born, raised or moved to the Northampton area

Northampton and the surrounding areas has been home to and the birth place of many noteworthy names and famous faces over the years.

There are some well known big names associated with the town including comedian Alan Carr but do you know any others?

We’ve picked out 41 local celebs who were born in Northampton, moved here or spent their final days in the town.

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Some of the names might just surprise you and it is quite some list with a diverse mix of people from the world of TV and film, musicians and sporting stars.

Some of the people in our list even had statues erected in their honour in town.

Others have buildings named after them.

The dictionary defiition for celebrity states:

- a famous person, especially in entertainment or sport.


- the state of being well known.

It comes from late Middle English (in the sense ‘solemn ceremony’): from Old French celebrite or Latin celebritas, from celeber, celebr- ‘frequented or honoured’.

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Nowadays you only have to appear on a reality TV show to achieve celebrity status it seems.

But whatever your take on celebrity one thing is for sure they get us talking so take a look at the list and let us know if we missed anyone by emailing [email protected].

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