Residents start petition over construction access to Rothwell development

A petition has been started to try to prevent construction traffic for a new development travelling through Rothwell and Desborough.

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Since planning permission was granted for a 700-home development on land which has become known as ‘Rothwell North’, concerns have been raised over access to the site for construction vehicles.

A group of residents from Rothwell and Desborough came together and formed the ‘Rothwell North Working Party’(RNWP) after the developer, Persimmon, and Kettering Council failed to confirm a haul road - a temporary route for construction traffic - would be in place before the development started.

Kevin O’Brien, a member of the RNWP, said: “Without the haul road in place ahead of any development on the site, construction site vehicles will impact our main roads in both Rothwell and Desborough adding to a potential situation of large-scale construction taking place at Desborough Grange and the Ise Valley at the same time.

“There is a cycle and pedestrian pathway on the B576 between the two towns largely in place for young people making the journey to and from Montsaye Academy and we fear greatly for their safety as vulnerable road users.

“The additional environmental impact is also cause for concern.”

At this stage there is agreement to build the road at the 250-house mark as it is strategically planned to knit into the overall development.

The RNWP has a two-town petition seeking 2,500 signatures asking Kettering Council to discuss the issue at a forthcoming meeting.

With the aim of making more of the community aware of the situation, the RNWP will be holding an awareness event this Saturday (June 16) at 10.30am on the B576 to remind people to sign the petition, which is available in various shops and buildings in both towns.

RNWP secretary Margaret Mossman said: “We need people to support our campaign and help with raising awareness before it becomes too late.

“Our two towns have come together on this as we recognise the nightmare scenario our roads are likely to have in the not too distant future.

“Please support us and sign the petition.”

To find out more about the RNWP email [email protected], follow @rothwellnwp on Twitter or call Kevin O’Brien on 07894 534093.