POLL: How will the people of Northants be voting in the EU Referendum?

The EU Referendum looms largeThe EU Referendum looms large
The EU Referendum looms large
How will the people of Northants be voting in the EU Referendum, cast your vote in our poll.

Need some help making up your mind?

Five reasons to stay... and five to leave

Still undecided which way to vote in the EU Referendum on Thursday? Use this at-a-glance list of the key arguments on both sides to help make your mind up.


1. Being part of the EU gives us access to a single market of 500 million people that is vital to the UK economy.

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2. Any savings from Britain’s EU “membership fee” will be dwarfed by the negative impact leaving the single will have on the economy.

3. After leaving we would still want to trade with EU countries but would have to do so on their terms.

4. Receiving EU cash to help grow the region’s economy over the next five years.

5. The Labour side of the Remain campaign has stressed the EU’s role in defining workers’ rights in terms of working hours and holiday entitlements.


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1. The UK sends £350m a week to the EU and only gets some of it back. Leaving would allow the UK to decide how that money is spent.

2. The UK cannot properly control immigration until it leaves the EU and no longer has to allow free movement of EU nationals.

3. Leaving the EU would mean the UK Parliament is responsible for all law and the European Court can no longer overturn UK court decisions.

4. Leaving the EU would allow the UK to do its own trade deals with countries around the world.

5. The UK is a huge market for EU countries who would only damage themselves if they tried to impose unfavourable trading rules.

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