Wellingborough's re-elected Peter Bone names his priorities

Conservative Peter Bone says his fight for the Isham Bypass and an urgent care centre for Wellingborough will be at the top of his list after being elected once more as the candidate for Wellingborough.

Friday, 13th December 2019, 5:15 am
Updated Friday, 13th December 2019, 5:15 am
Peter Bone increased his majority to a massive 18,540.

It was a fifth time win for the Brexiter as he galloped to victor tonight taking 62 percent of the overall vote and increasing his majority to 18,540 after winning 32,277 votes.

It was in the end just a one horse race as he comfortably beat Labour party into second with Andrea Watts gaining just 13,737 votes.

Looking relatively tired in victory the re-elected MP was suffering from a cold which he said he had picked up from the cold and wet December campaigning.

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The well-known Conservative held his seat once again.

Speaking after returning officer Liz Elliott declared the result he said his win was a ‘ringing endorsement for Prime MInister Boris Johnson.

He said: “On the doorstep people said time and time again we support Boris Johnson and we are going to vote for him. Boris is doing a great job as Prime Minister.

“The overwhelming majority declared this election was about Brexit. People wanted the vote honoured and that is what the conservatives are going to do.”

He also thanked his volunteers, supporters and partner Helen Harrison, who he said had got him through a long election.

In a quick interview after his win he said he had no idea how he was going to do before tonight as he was no good at predicting elections.

Speaking of his fifth victory in the constituency he said: “I’m always amazed to be re-elected and its is just magnificent.

Brexit will be delivered next month.”

He said the long awaited Isham Bypass and an urgent care centre for the town will be on his agenda as he returns to Westminster to represent Rushden and Wellingborough.

Labour’s Andrea Watts said after her defeat: “We knew that Brexit was going to dominate Until it is out of the way we won’t be able to return to normal policies.”

She said she would stand again for a third election in five years time if given the chance.

The Liberal Democrat candidate Suzanna Austin was placed third with 4,078 votes, beating Green candidate Marion Turner-Hawes into third place.