Two months of flooding misery on major Corby road finally set to end this week

A main road into Corby that has been flooded since November is set to be fixed

By Kate Cronin
Monday, 20th January 2020, 6:02 am
Both footpaths and almost the entire road have been flooded since November
Both footpaths and almost the entire road have been flooded since November

Phoenix Parkway has had temporary traffic lights in place at its junction with Heritage Way since the end of November when a pumping station broke.

The northbound carriageway and footpath are completely flooded to knee height and the southbound side is just about passable to cars, but not pedestrians.

At peak times in the morning and afternoons queues can cause major delays to around 14,000 vehicles that use the road daily as a gateway from the north into Corby, to get to the areas many industrial estates or to travel to the Asda shopping park.

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Temporary traffic lights have caused delays at peak times

Local business owners say that the situation is beyond a joke.

Michelle Hill from Bailey’s Skip Hire in Heritage Way said that this has been happening on and off for two years.

”It’s even worse because the traffic lights keep getting stuck on red,” she said.

”One day it took me 45 minutes to get to work from Asda because the lights were stuck.

This is the entrance to Heritage Way where the flooding is worst.

“The depth of water coupled with the temporary lights generally being stuck on red is an accident waiting to happen.

“This flooding has been happening for approximately two years every time we have heavy rain. However, this water on the road and temporary lights have been in situ since the end of November, we are yet to see a workman.

“As a business the delays getting in and out of our premises are costing us money. It has been rep0orted to Northants County Council numerous times but to no avail.”

Businesses have now contacted Corby MP Tom Pursglove for help.

Local businesses say nobody can walk to their premises and that so many vehicles are avoiding the area that theyre losing trade

The Northants Telegraph contacted the county council on Friday afternoon and bosses finally pledged to act.

An NCC spokesman said: “The flooding in Phoenix Parkway, Corby, has been caused because of a fault at a water pumping station in the area.

“As such temporary traffic lights were installed for safety reasons.

“Parts to repair the pumping station have been ordered and works are planned to take place early this week.

“Following the works the temporary traffic signals will be removed.

“We understand that this has caused delays at peak periods along Phoenix Parkway and apologise for any inconvenience caused.”