Corby teacher and Labour councillor calls for resignation of Tory MP over lockdown comments

MP Michael Fabricant’s comments were met with outrage from key workers

Thursday, 14th April 2022, 12:03 pm
Updated Thursday, 14th April 2022, 12:04 pm
Michael Fabricant (left) and Cllr Simon Rielly (right)

A Corby teacher and Labour councillor has called for an apology from Litchfield MP Michael Fabricant over his controversial comments about lockdown parties.

Mr Fabricant was interviewed following news that PM Boris Johnson and chancellor Rishi Sunak had both been given fixed penalty notices for partying during Covid lockdowns.

He told Sky News: “I know of some nurses - quite understandably and I'm not condemning them - who, after a long day on the wards, absolutely exhausted - this is pre the vaccination being available, pre the antiviral drugs being available, then going back to the staff room and having a quiet drink before they went home.

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"And frankly I can't blame them - but would you call that a party?"

Following his comments, which have sickened public sector staff who worked long hours in difficult conditions throughout the pandemic, North Northants and Corby Town Councillor and teacher Simon Rielly has asked for Mr Fabriant to apologise or resign.

Cllr Rielly said: “Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant told BBC News he knew of nurses and teachers who went for a quiet drink after shifts.

“Fabricant admitted he cannot back this up. The work of teachers and even more importantly what doctors and nurses did during the lockdown was vital. I was physically exhausted after work and like others could not see loved ones. We did not party or go for drinks but went home to our families.”

Cllr Reilly endorsed the RCN and teachers’ unions who have asked for the comments to be retracted.

Cllr Rielly said: “I will be emailing Michael Fabricant MP to ask him to withdraw the comments and will be asking Tom Pursglove to support me on this. But with him supporting the PM going to the illegal partyies I do not think I will get a response.

"I have spoken to many constituents who are sickened by both Michael Fabricant’s and Tom Pursglove’s response.”

Corby MP Tom Pursglove had earlier said on Twitter: “The PM has consistently apologised, without reservation - and rightly so. These are tough times for so many and there remains much to do in delivering on the promises we made to the country.”

His tweet was met with 500 angry responses.