Application for premises licence for events space in Finedon

It has led to some concerns from a resident and the town council

Some concerns have been raised by a resident and Finedon Town Council
Some concerns have been raised by a resident and Finedon Town Council

An application has been made to allow licensable activities such as plays and live music and the retail sale of alcohol to take place at a five-acre events space in Finedon

The application is for a premises licence at Tower Fields, a former cricket ground in Irthlingborough Road.

A meeting of the licensing sub-committee (Wellingborough) of North Northamptonshire Council is set to consider the application on Friday (April 30).

A report to the committee states the premises is available for hire as an event space for wide ranging events including weddings, family celebrations, car shows and drive-in movies.

It states: "The site will be set up in a manner which is dependant upon the style and type of event and will include the use of marquees and other similar temporary structures.

"The application does not limit the number of events to be undertaken during each year.

"The application is to allow for the provision of plays, films, or boxing/wrestling entertainment between 10:00hrs and midnight Monday to Sundays.

"Provision of live music, recorded music, performances of dance, late night refreshment and the retail sale of alcohol between 10:00hrs and midnight Sunday to Thursdays and between 10:00hrs and 01:30hrs on Saturday and Sundays.

"The applicant has requested permitted opening hours between 10:00hrs and 00:30hrs Sunday to Thursdays and between 10:00hrs and 02:00hrs on Saturday and Sundays.

"Following consultation, representations were received from two interested parties and two responsible authorities - the environmental protection team and the licensing team.

"The representations object to the granting of the licence on the grounds that the licensing objectives, as prescribed by Section 4(2) of the Act, are not likely to be met.

"The relevant licensing objectives are; (a) the prevention of crime and disorder; (b) public safety; (c) the prevention of public nuisance.

"No representations were received from the responsible authorities, police, fire and rescue service, child and adult services, planning, or child protection."

The report goes on to state: "The environmental protection team leader has detailed concerns over the potential for the wide ranging events planned on site to cause a nuisance to neighbouring properties from noise, light or anti-social behaviour.

"This is due to the proximity to residential properties and the lack of barriers to prevent the transmission of noise or light.

"In addition it is stated that the hours proposed could cause sleep deprivation.

"It is highlighted that if the application is granted as submitted, events could become a regular occurrence, with the ability for the site to be used seven days a week.

"The officer has therefore stated that granting of the licence cannot be supported, however potential conditions have been detailed to assist the committee if they are minded to grant the application with conditions.

"Officers from within the environmental protection team have engaged with the agent to discuss their concerns.

"As a result of these exchanges the applicant has offered to add additional conditions to the licence.

"The environmental protection team leader is not however satisfied that the addition of these extra conditions will be sufficient to resolve the concerns noted over the potential for the licensed events to cause a public nuisance to residents in the area."

Representation from one interested party states: "We would have no objection if the licence were granted for the following; 10am-10pm Sunday-Thursday, 10am-11pm Friday and Saturday.

"Events outside of these hours will be a major disturbance on our rest time, especially in the summer months when windows are left open for ventilation and cooling."

It goes on to state: "There has been an increase in litter in the past when events have taken place at Tower Fields, in the surrounding areas including our grass verge."

The other representation, from Finedon Town Council, states: "Our concerns would be outdoor music until 1.30am and the disturbance to the surrounding neighbourhood."