Your view: Government face masks rules dividing opinion in across Northamptonshire

"Inevitable" and "not enough" calls from some .. "proopaganda" and "pointless" claims from others

Covid retstrictions returning to shops and buses in Northamptonshire is already dividing opinion in the county.

Those backing the government's move to restore requirements to wear face coverings following Saturday night's Downing Street announcement were criticised by those who have rejected the latest development.

Comments on this newspaper's Facebook page showed how some people accepted changes were inevitable following confirmation of a new variant.

Many went further, saying restrictions should never have been lifted during the summer and expressed astonishment that new plans did not include pubs and restaurants.

One said: "It was bound to happen. Too many people seemed to think it had all gone away and didn't bother with masks anymore."

Another said: "You couldn't make it up! You must wear a mask in a shop and public transport but you can mix in a pub, club, stadium etc."

But they were faced some responses by others claiming the restrictions were an assault on freedom.

Face masks will be required in shops and on pblic transport from Tuesday

One man rapped: "Only few weeks ago we honoured of service folk who fought for freedom, yet you let it go without a whim ,shame on you

"People are being conditioned by government propaganda, they can surrender but I'm not.

"Two years ago all we had to do is wash your hands. When is enough is enough? Or do they just accept more liberties taken away unless they comply?"

Hospital staff in Northamptonshire dealt with as many as 470 Covid patients at one time between Christmas and the end of January 2021.

More than 280 Covid patients died in Northampton General and Kettering General hopsitals over the same period.

Health chiefs have consistently warned about the virus being spread by people with no symptoms who do not know they have it, underlining the need for regular lateral flow testing.

Many are predicting that some people would likely not comply with the new rules and others questioned the effectiveness of vaccines.

One said: "If people used their heads and refused to wear a mask this time, the farce would probably start to go away. But oh no, let’s panic!"

Many more also raised doubts over the effectiveness of Covid vaccines. One branded discovery of the Omicron variant "scaremongering to get people to have the third jab."

Vaccines are designed to suppress severe symptoms of the Covid virius, reducing hospitalisations and deaths.