Wicksteed Park's Euros predicting parrot says it's coming home

She backed Switzerland to beat France. She backed England to beat Germany. Now she's backing the Three Lions to bring it home in Rome.

By Sam Wildman
Friday, 2nd July 2021, 3:24 pm
Updated Friday, 2nd July 2021, 4:16 pm

It won't be a case of after the Lord Mayor's show for the Three Lions tomorrow night - according to Wicksteed Park s Euros predicting parrot.

Blue and gold macaw Eva has already correctly called Gareth Southgate's men beating old rivals Germany, as well as foreseeing Switzerland's shock shootout win over World Cup winners France.

On each occasion she has been given two bowls of food with a different flag on top, with the first bowl she goes for deciding who she thinks will succeed.

Eva says it's coming home

And today (Friday) the seven-year-old bird ignored the lure of the Ukrainian flag, with colours which matched her feathers, to predict quarter-final glory for England in Rome tomorrow night.

Sophia Perkins, who looks after the birds in the Wicksteed Park aviary, said: "She was found being kept in someone’s attic a few years ago and came to Wicksteed Park in 2019 where she’s been a very cheeky monkey ever since.

“She is very intelligent but we didn’t realise she could predict football results.

“At first we just put the flags next to her food as a visual stimulation for her before each game, but after a while we realised she was going to eat at the right bowl for the victorious team.

“We will have to try and teach her to say 'come on England' in case we reach the final!”

England's quarter-final clash kicks off at 8pm and is live on BBC - let's hope the Three Lions don't get in a flap!