'Wickedly cruel': dumped guinea pigs left to starve in Corby woods

The pair of female guinea pigs were found by a kind-hearted volunteer

By Alison Bagley
Wednesday, 5th January 2022, 5:26 am

A litter-picking Samaritan came to the rescue of two tortoiseshell guinea pigs that had been dumped in a carrier bag in Corby' s King's Wood.

The pair were found soaked to the skin in a bag by a member of the Corby Wombles tidy-up team, who discovered the pets in a water-logged bed in a bag near Colyers Avenue.

Safely transported to Irthlingborough's NANNA - Northamptonshire Animals Needing Nurturing & Adoption - the guinea pigs are now recovering from their ordeal.

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Madame Cholet and Alderney the guinea pigs are recovering at NANNA in Irthlingborough

Petrina Alderman, founder of NANNA, said: "They were soaking wet and covered in their own urine. They had a little bed in the bag but no food.

"I feel that someone to do that must be in a desperate situation or wickedly cruel.

"We gave them food and hay and they chomped it up.

"We would never turn guinea pigs away. You can put up to six females together so we will always find room for them."

The bag that the guinea pigs were found in

Found by a Corby Womble on Monday, January 3, the volunteer litter picker had already cleared the area where the bag was found the previous day so it is thought the guinea pigs laid in the bag for a day.

Ms Alderman said: "A rabbit would have bounced off but guinea pigs don't try to scrabble off, they lay still and quiet. They would have starved to death. The only reason they were picked up is because the Womble was picking up rubbish.

"They were genuinely dumped. If the owner had phoned us up we would have provided food until they could have been brought in.

"I love guinea pigs. I would never turn away a guinea pig."

The pair had been place in a bed that had become soaked in urine

The guinea pigs named have been named Madame Cholet and Alderley in the honour of two of TV's eco-friendly recycling Wombles - a name adopted by litter picking volunteers. They have since been feasting on brussel sprouts.

They will join the 21 other guinea pigs at the Irthlingborough sanctuary where rehoming of their animals restarts this weekend.

People wanting to adopt dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs can visit NANNA's base at the Higglety Pigglety Farm, Finedon Road (A6), Irthlingborough NN9 5FA by appointment to avoid the spread of Covid.

Ms Alderman added: "It's not just finding a home for an animal, it's finding the right home for the animal. We know the animals and want them to go to the right home.

The bag had been dumped at the entrance to King's Wood nature reserve off Colyers Avenue in Corby

"People need to make an appointment so we can protect our volunteers. People can also help by donating bedding, especially old duvets.

"NANNA is in dire need of duvets and blankets but we cannot use seat cushions off sofas or chairs."

Anyone with unwanted duvets should double bag them and drop them off at NANNA, A6 Bypass Road Irthlingborough NN9 5FA, between 11am and 4pm.

Contact NANNA by clicking here.