Why was Corby Urgent Care Centre closed on Saturday?

The centre closed briefly at the weekend

By Phoebe Radford
Monday, 17th February 2020, 1:25 pm
Updated Monday, 17th February 2020, 1:25 pm
Corby Urgent Care Centre closed for a clean briefly on Saturday
Corby Urgent Care Centre closed for a clean briefly on Saturday

Corby Urgent Care Centre closed briefly on Saturday to be cleaned but it is not clear exactly why.

On Saturday, a member of staff at the centre confirmed it had been closed but re-opened later the same day.

A member of the public who was there at the time said: "I was down there at 10.30am with my granddad and on the triage door was a notice saying 'do not enter' on both sides.

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"Everyone got moved down...and while we was waiting a nurse knocked on the triage door and put a note under the door."

She said nothing was said to patients and families about why the centre was closed but there was a "nurse looking worried" and she felt the whole situation was "dodgy".

A second woman who had been at the urgent care centre on Saturday said: "I had dropped my brother off there and had gone in with him fine and then left.

"Then his partner was going to pick him up and refused entry. She was told they were deep cleaning due to a possible coronavirus case, (that's) what she told me.

"About 20 or 30 minutes later they re-opened and let her in."

The lady added: "I dropped him off at 12pm and she was turned away at 12.45pm and she was let back in at 1.20pm.

"They said it was closed for a deep clean as a coronavirus caution.

"She didn't ask any questions and just went and sat in the car. Neither of them knew if it was because [of a] scare or it was part of their general prevention."

Another man who had been at the centre that day said a family member of his had been there when the centre was "locked down" and had seen two people in masks being walked out.

Only the Department of Health is commenting on the coronavirus outbreak. A spokesman for the department said: "We are not providing a running commentary of suspected cases."

The department is only commenting on confirmed cases, and there have been no further confirmed cases in the UK of the virus which originated in China.

The spokesman added that where there are suspected cases, the NHS has been advised to follow appropriate procedures.

A spokesman for Corby Clinical Commissioning Group, which oversees the Corby Urgent Care Centre, said : "It would be up to the Department of Health to comment."

Earlier today, Corby Urgent Care Centre tweeted advice about not coming to the centre if you have certain symptoms and have been in certain countries within the past 14 days.