This is why roads were gridlocked in Kettering today

The funeral of an Irish traveller caused disruption on some roads in Kettering for a short time today (Tuesday, October 15).

Tuesday, 15th October 2019, 4:45 pm

Chap Doran was remembered in a service today at St Edward's Roman Catholic Church where the ceremony featured Irish music and dancing and was decorated with Irish flags reading "Chap Doran the legend".

Mourners walked with the coffin in a procession from the church up to Warren Hill crematorium.

They were led by two shire horses and accompanied by a number of cars.

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Some roads in Kettering were disrupted by a funeral cortege today

There was even a fly-past with a banner that said "Chap Doran the legend".

Chap's coffin was carried by a traditional four-wheeled wagon.

Northamptonshire Police had warned motorists that a funeral would cause disruption on roads in Kettering between 11am and 1pm.

Police cars accompanied the mourners and funeral procession on their walk to ensure their safety.

The funeral of Chap Doran was attended by hundreds of people
The funeral procession walked from St Edward's Church to Warren Hill crematorium