Why is this amazing woman walking round Corby with a pot on her head?

It's only the mum of two international sportsmen doing her bit for coronavirus

Friday, 22nd May 2020, 6:02 am
Denise said the people of Corby have been very supportive

Denise Sharman has done a pretty astounding job of raising a high-achieving family.

But now it's her moment to shine as she turns her attention to raising awareness of the minority groups adversely affected by coronavirus.

Her 60th birthday came and went in lockdown, but instead of being upset about not having a party, Denise decided to start walking around the town in her flamboyant outfits to help raise money for families affected by coronavirus. Her aim is also to help raise awareness of the disproportionate numbers of people from black, Asian and ethnic minority groups that have died from the virus.

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Denise is walking round the town all week

Denise is mum to Commonwealth hurdler William Sharman, international bobsleigher Richard Sharman and Motherland actress Sarah Sharman. She also runs her own physical therapy business which is closed because of the pandemic.

She said: "Now that Boris has let us out, I decided to do this walk. I set myself a target of 18miles but I didn't realise I would actually be able to do more so I'm just going to keep going for seven days.

"I got my union jack out of the wardrobe that I'd normally use when William is running and I have this pot on my head so people can put money in if they want.

"There are so many minorities working in the NHS who might not be able to afford a funeral so I'm hoping to raise money to help them.

Denise at the Corby Cube

"I was going to have a big party for my birthday but unfortunately we weren't allowed.

"I can't work so I'm glad to be doing something. It hurt after the first day and my feet are sore but I'm going to keep going."

Thousands of car drivers have beeped at Denise as she completes her long trek around the town. She said: "The people of Corby are so generous."

You can donate to Denise's Justgiving fundraiser here.

If you see Denise, give her a cheer or a beep!