Wellingborough's 'borough bash' summer of ghosts, crime-solving and picnics

Many With Many is a programme of new arts activities focusing on working with local communities, artists, arts and voluntary organisations, businesses and the public

By Alison Bagley
Monday, 12th July 2021, 2:53 pm
Updated Monday, 12th July 2021, 2:54 pm

Ghost stories and community events across three Wellingborough venues have been planned in a 'borough bash' for the town and surrounding villages.

Young people between the ages of 12 and 25 have created an entire programme of activities this summer to celebrate Wellingborough's communities.

As well as a six-episode podcast exploring Wellingborough’s spooky past, there will be a free magazine, The Wellow Pages, interactive theatre and picnic.

Borough Bash!

The 'borough bash' will culminate in a three-day event over three areas in the town - Queensway, Kingsway and the town centre, with Warts and All Theatre and Made With Many joining forces to create the programme of events.

Christopher Elmer-Gorry, Warts and All Theatre chief executive, said: “The Wellingborough Young Producers have worked really hard over the last year, they’ve been presented with immense challenges through Covid-19 and I’m really excited that they will be able to finally present a whole programme of in person and at home experiences. We can’t wait.”

The free magazine, The Wellow Pages, gives members of the town's diverse communities an opportunity to tell their stories. Designed by young people with letters and stories sent in by the public, the magazine aims to encourage everyone to embrace their town and neighbours by capturing the stories that might not have been told before.

Members of the public can grab their copy of magazine for free available mid-July from community buildings including WACA, the Hindu Madir and Highfield community centre in Highfield Road, Hope Church and Wellingborough Library and Wellingborough Museum.

The Big Bash! is coming to Wellingborough

Wailingborough: A Local Ghost Story Podcast explores the spookier side of Wellingborough. Guided by hosts Ross and Kirsten, listeners delve into the town's haunted places.

Listeners will be treated stories of ghostly happenings told by young people who live in Wellingborough.

Participant Ross Da Costa said: “Diving into the history of the town I've grown up in with the intention of creating ghost stories and having conversations around these stories was fascinating to me. I love a good ghost story and discovering those that have happened so close to home definitely satisfied my interests.”

People with a Wellingborough postcode will be able to access a free theatrical phone-based experience.

Out of Office is an interactive trip to the theatre. In the role of an undercover private investigator, participants are tasked with getting to the bottom of what’s going on at Rose and Spencer Associates via role play through phones and email.

Programme director at Made With Many, Helen Wilmott, added: “We're really excited to be back in the community delivering new cultural activities with local people. Borough Bash promises to be a fun, creative and safe opportunity to get back to bringing communities together and celebrate the creativity of young people in Wellingborough."

Borough Bash will culminate in three days of free, super hero-themed celebrations on the Sunday, July 18, Saturday, July 24, and Sunday July 25, at three schools - Weavers Academy, Wrenn School and Sir Christopher Hatton Academy.

Wellingborough residents will receive invites through their doors to an event that is part picnic, part arts and culture extravaganza organised by the young people who take part in Young Producers at Warts and All Theatre.

Invitations are being delivered to schools, community venues and through residents' doors or book a space by clicking here https://www.wartsandalltheatre.co.uk/borough-bash. To find out more visit www.madewithmany.org