Wellingborough MP Peter Bone's office targeted by vandals 'yet again'

Mr Bone has had a new slur daubed on the window of his office

Thursday, 13th January 2022, 1:54 pm
Mr Bone's office. Image: Alison Bagley

Wellingborough MP Peter Bone has told the House of Commons that his constituency office has once again been targeted by vandals.

Mr Bone told the chamber that he was concerned about security after his Midland Road office was targeted for a second time.

Images posted on social media show the word 'liar' written on his window in black spray paint.

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It comes after a previous incident last November following a controversial vote on the Owen Paterson standards issue. That time, the words Tory Sleaze were painted on the window.

Yesterday, Mr Bone spoke during Prime Minister's Questions which were focused on the Downing Street party, attended by the Prime Minister, to propose the scrapping of the BBC licence fee.

Speaking in the chamber earlier today (Thursday, January 13), Mr Bone said: "This morning my office was yet again vandalised and it's not fair on my staff in Wellingborough and it's not fair on other members who've suffered similarly.

"My question to the leader of the house is could we have a debate on the security of members in this house and the importance of that to our democratic process?"

Leader of the House Jacob Rees-Mogg said: "I'm very concerned.. about the issue that is raised on the security of his office and the risks taken by his staff.

"I can reassure him that the review of MP's security with the Home Office and the Metropolitan Police is going ahead.

"It's so important for the sake of democracy that members are safe in their offices and I'm sure the police will take this attack extremely seriously

"It's difficult for me to promise a debate because we don't debate security matters publicly."

Northamptonshire Police confirmed that no arrests had been made on either the first incident, or this second one. A spokeswoman said: “We are aware of an incident of criminal damage reported to have happened sometime between 5pm on January 11, and 9.45am, on January 13, in Midland Road, Wellingborough.

“Anyone with information about this or anyone who witnessed it should contact us quoting reference number 22000023273.”