Wellingborough horses moved by mystery owner

Campaigners are still concerned about horses in Wellingborough fields

By Phoebe Radford
Wednesday, 19th February 2020, 11:15 am

The horses in a field in Wellingborough have been moved by their owner amid concern for their welfare.

Fields along the town's Embankment have been partially flooded since Storms Ciara and Dennis and there was increasing concern for some of the ponies, particularly after one horse was found dead and another was put down last weekend.

An RSPCA spokesman said: "The horses which were seen in a flooded field near the London Road embankment (on Monday) have now been moved by their owner.

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There is concern for horses in Wellingborough fields

"We regularly monitor the horses in this area and checked on them again (on Monday) and (Tuesday) because of the heavy rain which had flooded some of the fields.

"Although part of their field was flooded, the horses did have a dry area to stand on and plenty of hay to eat.

"We would always urge anyone with horses and livestock to move their animals from areas at risk of floods and keep a close eye on water levels."

Concerned residents in Wellingborough have been calling for the horses to be helped and on Monday, MP Peter Bone called for "urgent action".

A Facebook page called 'Help for Wellingborough Horses' has been set up to raise awareness of the ponies and update the public.

An update on the page on Tuesday said: "After reports that the horses have been removed, we drove down to verify the claims. So far, we believe them to be true.

"We do not know who, when or where they were taken/who took them. We are saddened that this has happened but hopeful they are in safe hands."

Even though the horses in the field by London Road have been removed, the campaigners said: "We want to remind everyone that just because the horses have been removed from London Road doesn't mean our mission is complete.

"There are still multiple herds in desperate need of help."

The RSPCA said they were aware of local concern.

A spokesman said: "We’d like to thank animal lovers who continually monitor and raise concerns about horses being kept in this area around Wellingborough and would like to assure them work is taking place with other equine charities to safeguard their welfare.”