Wellingborough girl’s hair cut charity boost for Niamh's Next Step

She had her bottom-length hair chopped to shoulder level

Tuesday, 2nd August 2022, 3:13 pm
Updated Tuesday, 2nd August 2022, 3:14 pm

Inspirational Wellingborough schoolgirl Shaniya White has said farewell to nearly half a metre of hair in a fundraising hair chop for Niamh's Next Step.

The nine-year-old has been wanting a change of style but grew it even longer when she realised she could support two good causes.

Lengths of her long hair will be sent to the Little Princess Trust to be made into wigs for youngsters with hair loss, and she has raised funds for Wellingborough charity, Niamh’s Next Step.

Shaniya with her new hair cut

In front of family, friends and the co-founder of Niamh's Next Step, Sam Curry, Shaniya’s hair was cut leaving her with a new style and a fundraising total of £1,325.

Mum Siobhain said: “What an amazing day we had for Shaniya's charity haircut, I think she's aged a few years with the chop.

"Shaniya says she will miss her best friend Abigail being able to ‘ding dong’ her piggy tail when sat behind her at school, but she won't miss the time she got chewing gum in her hair and wasn't allowed gum for nine months – she hasn’t done it since.”

Shaniya, a pupil at Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School, has been holding cake sales, teddy adoptions and a big prize raffle drawn after her radical restyle courtesy of staff from Cubs and Kings Barbers shop in Sheep Street, Wellingborough.

Shaniya before the haircut

As well as doing the cut for free, hairdresser Shellyanne donated her week’s tips to boost Shaniya’s fundraiser as she sacrificed 16 inches of hair.

Niamh's Next Step presented Shaniya with a trophy for all her hard work.

Siobhain said: “She looks forward to popping into Niamh’s Boutique shop every time we go to town. They got her a beautiful trophy which she brought to bed with her.

"Massive thanks go to Cubs and Kings, the owner Kyle who opened especially and brought Shaniya two massive balloons, which also went to bed with her tonight, and Shellyanne who donated £35 to Shaniya’s fundraising as well as giving up her free time to do a lovely cut. There was lots of added pressure of in excess of ten people watching on and taking pictures.”

Shaniya with Shelleyanne and Kyle from Cubs and Kings Barbers

She added: “I think Shaniya’s new haircut really suits her now I've got over the initial shock.”

To donate to Shaniya’s fundraiser click here.

Shaniya's hair ready to send off to The Little Princess charity
Shaniya with friend Abigail, brother Kyran and Sam Curry founder of Niamh's Next Step