Pictures supplied by BAM Construct UKPictures supplied by BAM Construct UK
Pictures supplied by BAM Construct UK

Wellingborough firm releases series of nostalgic pictures from across Northamptonshire

BAM Construct UK has built many of the county's most iconic buildings

A building company that has made Wellingborough its home has released a series of nostalgic pictures.

BAM Construct UK has been responsible for building many of the county’s most iconic buildings during its 150-year existence.

From Northampton’s post office to Kettering General Hospital, BAM has links across the county that date back to as early as the 1930s.

The firm even moved all of its plant operations, which were founded in Vauxhall, to the county in 1967.

Jason Reed, BAM Plant’s managing director, said: “Our predecessors built the first BBC transmitter at Daventry in 1932. We didn’t build here again until the 1950s when we delivered the new head Post Office in St Giles Street for £109,919. That’s several millions now of course.

“We also built some civilian buildings for the air force at Chelveston and Croughton.

“We’ve not only made Wellingborough our home, but have helped to build a lot of Northamptonshire’s historical buildings.

“Many in the town centre, but we’ve got really strong links with the industrial and light engineering heritage of the county. As a plant business, those are skills we can relate to strongly.

“We’re proud to employ so many people from the area, and proud to have done so much to help the communities here. We’ve seen the county change around us in that time, and had a big hand in it happening. Northamptonshire is home, and we’re here to stay.”

BAM’s track record includes buildings for clients like Nat West, Barclays, Tesco, Scottish Life and industrial giant Hartmann and Braun, now ABB.

It built many significant schemes such as Northampton (Greyfriars) bus station, Anglia Building Society’s headquarters, and Carlsberg Breweries. It also delivered the Arndale in Wellingborough, which has since been renamed to Swansgate. The company also created the Cummins factory in Daventry, premises for Volvo in Crick, Flairpress and Wells Soft Drinks, part of Kettering General Hospital and the new Tresham College Campus in Corby.