Wellingborough contractors' nine-point pledge to residents over disruption

Wellingborough residents living next to a major building project have been promised by developers that they will do their best to reduce noise and minimise disruption.

By Alison Bagley
Thursday, 19th December 2019, 10:43 am
Updated Friday, 20th December 2019, 11:11 am

Chatsworth Drive neighbours Martyn Griggs and Jill and Mike Ashwell met with representatives of building contractors Whitemountain Quarries, who are installing groundworks, and council chiefs in two separate meetings.

On a morning walkabout with local councillors, planners and construction staff, the Ashwells invited the fact-finding group to see for themselves the impact of the Niort Way roadworks on their home, including the removal of trees and bushes on the verge between their home and the road.

Jill Ashwell said: "They were pretty gobsmacked. They are planning to plant trees but not evergreens because they are not allowed in the county plan.

Tommy Henry, construction manager Whitemountain Glenvale Park

"But at last somebody has taken an interest in our plight. I'm pleased with the progress that's been made."

The couple have written to Wellingborough Council to voice their dismay after the A509 Niort Way was widened, moving the carriageway metres away from their back door and garden.

They have described the removal of the trees over their boundary fence as 'catastrophic', the past months as 'traumatic' and highlighted that their health was now suffering as a result of the works.

Their concerns were featured last month in the Northants Telegraph.

Jill and Mike Ashwell who live next to Niort Way in Chatsworth Drive

In a separate meeting, residents' representative Martyn Griggs took the complaints of those whose homes back on to the busy bypass to a meeting with Whitemountain Quarries' Glenvale Park construction manager, Tommy Henry, and Amanada McHugh, site administrator for Whitemountain Quarries .

Issues raised by neighbours, caused by work on the 'ultra' site, include being kept awake by all-night working by high-powered lights shining into bedrooms, constant beeping of reversing vehicles, large lorries laden with equipment using residential roads as car parks, and out-of-hours working - against the local planning working agreement which states a 7.30am start on the site and a 5.30pm finish.

Mr Griggs said: "I walked my dog at 6.30am the other morning and there was a lorry parked up with its engine running. The guy was asleep in his cab all night.

"The other morning at about 6.45am there was a lorry being unloaded.

The view over Jill and Mike Ashwell's garden fence.

"This used to be a quiet residential estate. Now it's like sitting on the edge of a motorway. I went out at 12.30am at night and it was like Wembley Stadium."

Mr Henry said that some work could only be carried out at night because of Niort Way having to be closed for resurfacing and that a letter had been sent to warn residents of the work.

He said: "If you work at night, you need the lights. Our priority is to keep the guys on the site safe. Our tower lights are ultra silent so there's no buzzing.

"We have stopped the reverse alert beeping to white noise beeping alerts in response to complaints."

Resident Martyn Griggs

As a result of the meeting, Amanada McHugh , site administrator for Whitemountain Quarriess' Glenvale Park issued a nine-point promise to residents:

· Our assurance that the safety and welfare of the general public and environmental protection is of paramount importance

· Our commitment to initiate and maintain continued communication with local residents, informing them of project progression and specific necessary works

· Our commitment to work in co-operation with local residents to ensure that the completion of scheduled works is conducted in a neighbour-friendly manner

· Our promotion of verbal, digital and face-to-face resident/public feedback regarding the project and proposed works

· Our assurance that all necessary measures will be taken regarding site safety and security

· Our intent to keep noise levels to a minimum, whenever possible, and within regulatory constraints

· Where night works may be necessary, our intention to complete the noisiest operations as early as possible

· Our assurance that all necessary measures will be taken to ensure that traffic flow interruptions will be kept to a minimum

· Our acknowledgement and appreciation that required works may cause disruption; however, it is Whitemountain Quarries’ intention to minimise associated inconvenience, whenever possible

Mr Henry added: "Our door is always open. People can come down to the site office in the compound and we'll try to sort them [complaints] out at the time."

Residents experiencing any problems with the work being carried out by Whitemountain Quarries on the Glenvale Park can contact their staff:

David Stanfield, Project Manager on 07768 045790 or email [email protected]; Tommy Henry, Construction Manager on 07771 925931 email [email protected]; Darren Marriott, Contracts Manager on 07767 776677 or email [email protected]

All complaints will be forwarded to Wellingbrorough Council's environmental protection officer or residents can conact David Chandler at [email protected] or by calling 01933 231960.