Wellingborough care home's urgent appeal for PPE

While some companies have stock, many are saying they can't get it out to the home for more than a month

By Stephanie Weaver
Wednesday, 15th April 2020, 1:27 pm
Updated Wednesday, 15th April 2020, 1:28 pm

A Wellingborough care home is desperately in need of PPE to help protect its residents and staff.

Tasker House in Westfield Road is struggling to get hold of protective clothing while it looks after its elderly residents with physical frailties and dementia during lockdown.

After being told that many companies can't get stock out to them for more than a month, the care home has taken to social media for help.

Tasker House is appealing for PPE

Deputy manager Angela Melville said they have yet to receive any PPE stock from the Government and all they have been given is a list of companies that may have stock but do not or cannot get to them for more than a month.

They are not having any luck with private companies either.

Angela told the Northants Telegraph: "My staff and all of the social care sector are getting left to it, leaving our residents and staff very vulnerable and at high risk.

"We are appealing for the disposable isolation gowns that are single use.

"We have plenty of gloves and aprons and a Wellingborough company ICD has very kindly donated a respiratory mask for each of our staff members.

"We provide direct and personal interventions to our residents many times a day and we need one for each time so would need as many as possible.

"We would appreciate any help and amount just to get us through."

Anyone who can help can call Tasker House on 01933 276447.