Wellingborough care home could be turned into nine-bed HMO

Two previous applications to turn this building into a HMO have been refused
Plans have been submitted for a change of use for 34, Finedon Road in WellingboroughPlans have been submitted for a change of use for 34, Finedon Road in Wellingborough
Plans have been submitted for a change of use for 34, Finedon Road in Wellingborough

Revised plans have been submitted to turn a care home into a nine-bed HMO (house of multiple occupancy).

Parker White Properties Ltd has applied for a change of use for 34, Finedon Road in Wellingborough, from a residential care home to a nine-bed, nine-person HMO.

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Two previous attempts to turn this building into a HMO have been unsuccessful, but the applicant says they have revised their plans accordingly.

Planning documents state: “The most recent care home use was for seven live-in residents with 24-hour shift staff with two live-in carers on eight-hour shifts, meaning at any one time there was 13 people in and around the property, coming and going, together with any visitors/deliveries.

"This is a key point when considering that our proposal, by contrast, limits the property to nine occupiers.

"Previous applications have proposed the delivery of a 14-bed, 14-person HMO, and an 11-bed, 11-person HMO, together with various external alterations to facilitate this.

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"The applicant has consistently discussion with the council and meetings to discuss the merits of the scheme.

"Each of the two preceding applications have been refused.

"This application has been designed to overcome the various points raised.”

The property is a large double bay fronted end of terrace house on the corner of Adams Close and Finedon Road.

It is a 2.5 storey dwelling with a detached double garage accessed to the side of the property via Adams Close, as well as a rear garden and off-street parking on the driveway leading up to the garage.

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Those behind these recent plans have addressed how large HMOs can be perceived, saying: “The applicants are aware of the reputation that large “HMOs” have developed over the last decade, as a result of the approach by some landlords to the creation of tiny spaces and minimal provision.

"The purpose of this application is to prove that another approach can be successful.”

And the documents go on to say: “The development will allow the client to showcase what the right design, management and morals can produce when it comes to schemes such as these.

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"The client is committed to investing the Wellingborough region and wants to contribute positively to creating vibrant communities that all residents, not just those who live in their property are proud of and live in harmony with existing resident, something the client always takes pride in which can be seen from the management plan.

"This is in addition to the positive impact the development will have on the local economy.

"As discussed with the officers on the last two applications, the client has other sites in the area which will deliver all aspects of different housing and wants to establish a positive working relationship with the LPA and this can be seen by their willingness to change the scheme to address each and every concern the officers had relating to the last scheme.”

For more details, search for NW/22/00585/FUL on the Wellingborough page of North Northants Council’s planning portal.