'Utterly ridiculous' advisory speed limit on rural Kettering road should be lowered, says motorist

The advisory speed limit is on a set of bends

Friday, 27th May 2022, 9:00 am

A Kettering motorist has described the advisory limit on a set of bends close to where a teenager lost their life in a road crash as 'utterly ridiculous'.

David Simmons, a driver for more than 65 years who has never had an accident, thinks the limit should be cut from 40mph to 25mph due to the nature of the road.

Schoolgirl Meredita Kelmelyte, 17, was a passenger in a Vauxhall Corsa when it hit a tree in Orlingbury Road, Pytchley, in April 2018.

David Simmons is puzzled by the 40mph advisory limit

After her death, signs with an advisory 40mph limit were introduced at the bends’ approaches following a recommendation by Northamptonshire Police.

Mr Simmons said: “Every time I use this road I think why is the advisory 40mph? It should be 25mph.

"It’s utterly ridiculous. There’s other roads with sharp bends that have lower limits.

"I was told it’s because there is a 60mph speed limit but that doesn’t apply to bends near Sywell Aerodome.

The tree-lined road sweeps downhill with bends passing over a culvert

"I’ve been driving for 65 years and I have never had an accident. I feel I know a bit about driving.

"I’m trying to do something before someone else is killed.”

Cllr Graham Lawman, North Northamptonshire Council’s executive member for highways, travel and assets, said: “As is normally the case with requests for speed limit amendments North Northamptonshire Council undertakes a formal review which involves a panel of relevant officers from both the highways authority and Northamptonshire Police. In this case, the advisory 40mph limit was introduced following a recommendation by Northamptonshire Police resulting from the fatal accident in the area. They recommended the introduction of the high visibility double bend warning signs on both approaches with advisory “40” limit plates which were subsequently installed.

“Earlier this year our maintenance section arranged for additional road centre lines markings to be introduced through the bends and also for some additional “SLOW” carriageway markings to be laid alongside the advisory “40 mph” warning signs on either approach to this section.

The roadside tribute to Meredita Kelmelyte

“In common with all roads within North Northamptonshire, we will continue to monitor this junction but this would not currently trigger any intervention for introducing any further measures or reducing the speed limit on casualty reduction grounds.”