Two trouble-hit Corby alleyways could be permanently blocked-up after residents say they're attracting louts

The rights of way are being considered for closure by Corby Council

The Great Oakley to Oakley Road pathway
The Great Oakley to Oakley Road pathway

Residents living in two areas of Corby have asked the council to consider permanently closing alleyways that they say are anti-social behaviour hotspots.

A footpath that leads from Great Oakley to the Oakley Road / Danesholme underpass, and an alley from Surrey Close to Cottingham Road are being considered for public space protection orders (PSPO) that would give the council the powers to block them off.

During the past six months reports have been made to the police about criminal damage to vehicles, stones being thrown and drug dealing in Surrey Close.

And a resident in Long Close has also said that there are anti-social behaviour issues that are being worsened by the alleyway that leads to the Oakley Road /Danesholme underpass.

Now Corby Council is consulting local people on whether to shut both rights of way.

At a recent Corby Council crime panel meeting, Assistant Safer Corby manager Laura Shaw told the committee that the authority was considering using PSPO legislation.

She said: "I appreciate it's quite a significant step. With both of these locations we are looking at reports of anti-social behaviour and crime that forms part of our evidence base and one of the reasons that we have to follow all the appropriate steps is that we would be closing off a public right of way and pedestrians may struggle to find alternative routes."

Cllr Kevin Watt said: "It's a dilemma. As a council we are trying to get people to exercise more. If you start closing off walkways there's a significant number of people there who will be affected.

"I can understand the concerns of local residents."

Cllr Judy Caine said: "My concern about closing the Long Close alleyway is that children use it to go to school and people use it to access the shops in Danesholme.

"My worry would be people cutting out into the main road. People might take chances and we could end up with a disastrous situation.

"Could we not give it a coat of paint, some CCTV and get some PCSOs to patrol it."

Corby Council is asking local people for their views. Anyone who wants to register comments or ask questions can do so by emailing [email protected] or by phoning 01536 464176.