Two fined in Corby TK Maxx after becoming aggressive when asked to wear face masks

Corby Police were called after the duo refused to put on protective face coverings

By Kate Cronin
Tuesday, 8th December 2020, 10:39 am
The pair were a man and woman in their 30s
The pair were a man and woman in their 30s

Two people who refused to put masks on in a Corby clothing store have been given fixed penalty notices.

Corby Neighbourhood Policing Team were called to the store at about 4pm on Thursday (December 3) after the pair became aggressive when they were asked to put on their masks.

The man and woman in their early 30s were subsequently warned and fined by officers.

The shoppers refused to put masks on in TK Maxx. Photo: Dan Pickard

Corby town centre manager Dan Pickard said that compliance had been overwhelmingly good in the town centre since face masks became mandatory at the end of July after their use was backed by 86 per cent of doctors in British Medical Association Survey and the World Health Organisation said governments should encourage their use to help slow transmission of the virus.Dan said: “I don’t care about people’s politics or beliefs when it comes to mask-wearing. I don’t need to know about them.

”It’s my job to keep town centre users and staff who work here safe and I back those staff 100 per cent.

”The Government has set the rules, they are very simple, and we must follow them. If people don’t want to follow the rules, then they are welcome to shop elsewhere. I do not make the rules.

”The vast majority of people have been brilliant and compliance has been excellent but there’s always that element of people who do not have a medical exemption who just don’t want to obey the law.

”If people do not have a mask then I will give them one for free.

”We do not want to go into tier three and have another lockdown. If that happens there will be more casualties on the high street.

”People need to pull together any get through this and keep their distance, wash their hands and wear a mask. We’re not asking people to run a marathon.

”The majority have been fantastic and we’re really proud of them.”

A Northamptonshire Police spokeswoman said: “Throughout the pandemic we have followed an engage, explain, educate and enforce approach, where we have prioritised speaking to the public, reminding them of the legislation and only taking enforcement action as a last resort.

“The vast majority of people are following the guidelines and we thank them for that, however, we will not shy away from taking enforcement action when it is clear a breach has taken place, including when people fail to wear a face mask and don’t have an exemption.”