Trees bring new life to Danesholme green space

Cllrs Simon Rielly, Ross Armour and Leanne Buckingham at Stavanger ParkCllrs Simon Rielly, Ross Armour and Leanne Buckingham at Stavanger Park
Cllrs Simon Rielly, Ross Armour and Leanne Buckingham at Stavanger Park
Councillors are inviting locals to get tell them how they can improve the street environment

Oakley ward councillors have been working with officers from North Northamptonshire Council's shared services team to help improve the environment in their area.

Cllrs Simon Rielly, Leanne Buckingham and Ross Armour have been getting a better idea of the work the council officers and workers do to help make our outside spaces cleaner and greener. And they hope that the community will become more involved in deciding where more trees are planted.

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The shared services team recently planted 60 trees in Stavanger Park in Danesholme which were specifically chosen based on suitability of the site and to protect against future tree canopy losses through disease, age and poor previous management of the stock.

The work was carried out thanks to a grant from the Local Authority Treescape Fund (LAFT) received last year which has enabled officers and the authority's shared services team to plant 1100 trees across the north of the county.

Cllr Simon Rielly said: "As part of their ongoing work, we are delighted to see new trees being planted in Oakley Vale, Danesholme and across Corby. This is an exciting project that will see over 1100 trees planted across Corby and the North."

"This year’s LATF bid allows a little more time to formulate plans for planting locations (outside of woodlands) and would welcome any feedback from residents regarding planting within their communities. Across Corby the intention is to plant around 100 street trees to replace some of the stock lost through age, disease and the storms recently weathered."

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Cllr Ross Armour said: "We are pleased with the work carried out so far and are extremely keen to continue our working relationship with the NNU Shared Services Team. It’s important that we consult with residents, stakeholders to gather essential feedback and opinions on the best way of delivering services and projects that benefit our environment."

Cllr Leanne Buckingham added: "Our role as councillors is not just to take action on todays issue but instead to invest in our environment for the future, a legacy that will directly benefit our children and our children's children."