Thousands of tulips to help Corby Cube get an injection of floral colour

Thousands of seasonal flowers will be planted around the Corby Cube to revitalise the run-down planters.

Sunday, 19th May 2019, 9:00 am
The planters at the Cube are getting an injection of colour

The council’s shared environmental services is proposing to add seasonal flowers to the area fronting George Street every six months to ensure it looks fresh all year-round.

In a report to councillors, the authority admits that the ornamental grasses and hedges that were planted when the Cube was opened have not aged well.

The report adds: “The area as a new planting scheme was fairly successful and the planting at the time worked well with its surroundings. The types of plants used however have not aged well in the landscape and this along with a lack of good maintenance has resulted in an unattractive framing to the Cube.

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Some of the flowers planned for the Corby Cube.

“There are issues with this area with regards to drainage which is visible through the lack of maturing of the trees. The field maples are showing signs of reduced extension growth probably down to lack of nutrients in the soil.”

A survey was carried out in the town centre and local people said that the Cube beds were one of the biggest landscaping issues in the town.

One resident said: “Some colour at the Cube would be nice, it looks so depressing there in the winter.”

The proposal is to replant the beds every six months. The report goes on “The schemes will be simple in the winter of and will be polyanthus under-planted with thousands of tulips, which will make an amazing colourful display.

“In the summer the beds will be block planted with various flowering annuals and perennials such as Rudbekias, Dahlias, and Verbena.

“All plants are pollinator friendly. Whilst the planting is carried out we will take the opportunity to replace the soil and add nutrients for the trees which should alleviate some of the suffering and stress they are experiencing.

“The box hedge will be kept and clipped to formal lines and the field maples will be kept and their health monitored.”

The first bedding plants will go in during the first two weeks of June. Fertiliser has already been added to ensure the soil is in tip-top condition.

The beds will then be replanted in October.