The Longest Yarn

Oundle Yarn Bombers contribute legendary scene to international display which is longer than Bayeux Tapestry

A well-known crochet and knitting group from our region is helping to put the finishing touches to a stunning 80 metre-long D-Day display.

The Oundle Yarn Bombers – who have garnered acclaim for their colourful displays around the market town – are part of an international team of crocheters and knitters who are helping to mark the 80th anniversary of D-Day on June 6.

Oundle Yarn Bomber Mel Lee told the Peterborough Telegraph that the idea for the D-Day display came from Tansy Forster, a former Oundle resident who know lives in Normandy

“Tansy decided to do a post box topper for D-Day,” Mel explained.

“But it snowballed from being a post office topper to ‘oh well, we could do a bit more’.”

In short time, the notion of a commemorative display spread far and wide, with knitting groups in Britain, France, America, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland all getting involved.

In total, 80 different groups will be contributing a hand-crafted, metre-long scene to the ambitious display.

“The whole thing goes right from the start of the D-Day landings, the ships crossing the water, to the landings on the beaches,” Mel said.

“The bit we’ve got is the bridge [Pegasus Bridge] with the soldiers coming over and Lord Lovat at the front with his piper.”

Mel, who describes herself as an “enthusiastic knitter” said that, once the display is complete, it will be 80 metres long

“It’s going to be longer than the Bayeux Tapestry,” she said.

As the largest seaborne invasion in history, D-Day was a pivotal moment in the Second World War.

The longest yarn is a play on words of “the longest day” a quote made by German commander Erwin Rommel which was used as the title of a hugely successful book and film.

Once complete, the full display will go on display at the Notre Dame Cathedral in the Normandy town of Carentan from June to September.

It is hoped the display will then tour the UK and USA.

Check out our wonderful photos to get an idea of how the display is coming along, or visit to find out more.

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