Take a look inside new Rushden Lakes cinema

It's just weeks until the long-awaited cinema at Rushden Lakes opens.

By Sam Wildman
Thursday, 30th May 2019, 11:22 pm
Georgina Jones and Shaun Jones in the IMAX auditorium.

Up to 110 workers per day have been on-site since January 21 fitting out the 14-screen Cineworld with the latest technology ahead of its opening on June 28.

Yesterday (Thursday) the Northants Telegraph was given a behind-the-scenes tour to see what will await film fans when the doors officially open.

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One of the first things cinema-goers will see when they go up the stairs or escalator in the building's entrance is a huge foyer with glossy red and black tiles.

From there they will be able to buy the usual snacks such as popcorn and drinks as well as Baskin Robbins ice cream. A Starbucks will be on the ground floor.

Different exits and stairways will take you to various screens with several viewing experiences on offer at the Rushden Lakes cinema.

Many of the screens are almost complete, including ScreenX, the world’s first multi-projection 270-degree cinema technology. The screen will be one of just 13 in the UK to use the concept which is originally from South Korea.

Throughout the film the picture gradually creeps onto the side walls to create an engrossing viewing experience and the technology is a popular choice for horror films.

Along from there is the 4DX screen, typically the first to sell out.

Its 132 seats move and shake, with tickler sticks, wind, steam, mist, air pockets, bubbles and fragrances to make it feel as if the viewer is almost in the film.

It will be one of 23 4DX screens in the country with Cineworld the only UK chain with the technology.

Arguably the most impressive screen is still under construction.

The IMAX auditorium - which claims to be the best viewing there is - features 412 seats.

The screen, which measures 20m wide by 14m high, is waiting to be lifted into place.

It will be one of just two screens in the country to use the latest laser technology and will have 12-channel sound.

Overseeing the cinema when it opens will be general manager Georgina Jones, who has lived in Rushden for 15 years.

She started working for Cineworld when their Milton Keynes cinema opened in 2000 and has worked her way up since, working in Luton and Stevenage.

She said: "I am extremely excited for it to open.

"It's been something that has taken a lot of planning and we just can't wait to get going."

When it opens it will be Cineworld's 100th cinema in the UK and Ireland.

Rushden Lakes centre manager Paul Rich said: "This is the end of phase two but really it's the finale of all finales.

"This is what everyone has been talking about and waiting for."

It's hoped bookings will be able to be taken next week. One of the first films to be shown at the cinema will be Toy Story 4, which is released in the UK on June 21.

Shaun Jones, Cineworld's vice president of UK operations, said: "It's a brilliant year for film and this is a great time to open here at Rushden Lakes.

"There's a blockbuster out every fortnight."

Standard adult tickets will be £11.60. ScreenX films will be £14.60 with 4DX and IMAX films £16.30.

Cineworld Unlimited cards will be on offer for £17.90 per month for unlimited viewings of standard films with discounted movies for juniors screenings for £2.50 at weekends and during school holidays.