Rushden pensioner wants rid of scooter dumped over fence

The Voi scooter landed in his Rushden garden

Friday, 8th April 2022, 9:42 am
David Gater and dog Teddy with the Voi scooter that landed in his compost heap
David Gater and dog Teddy with the Voi scooter that landed in his compost heap

A Rushden man who woke to find an electric scooter lobbed into garden has been left frustrated by the lack of action after he asked Voi to collect it.

David Gater went to walk his Yorkie dog Teddy on Sunday morning (April 2) and noticed one of the bright-coloured electric scooters dangling from his wire fence.

Scooters are often left on the paths adjacent to his home in The Hedges, on the border between Rushden and Higham Ferrers.

David Gater attempts to move the scooter

After managing to untangle the heavy locked scooter from his wire fence, he called the number printed on it - and waited.

The 69-year-old said: “I rang them after church on Sunday, and they apologised. They said they would come to collect it in two hours. They didn’t come but I thought, if it’s gone today, fine.

"I rang them Monday morning and they apologised and said somebody would be out. Monday came and went – not a sign.

"Tuesday, I got the same story. Tuesday came and went. Same thing on Wednesday and then I rang them this morning (Thursday) and I lost it.

"I said ‘my garden seems to be a new docking station for your scooters’. They didn’t seem to care. I asked to speak to a manager but they are only available via email.”

The locked scooter that landed in Mr Gater’s compost heap can’t be wheeled away and it’s too bulky for retired security officer Mr Gater to shift.

Mr Gater said: “I’m nearly 70 and those things are heavy. I can’t move it. I thought they had people going around on a daily basis. They must cost a lot of money.

”I love my garden and I’m looking forward to getting like I want, but I don’t want a scooter in it.”

After the Northants Telegraph visited Mr Gater’s house, Voi was contacted yesterday (Thursday) and given Mr Gater’s details and asked for a comment.

Voi has yet to give a response.

Contacted by us again this morning (Friday), Mr Gater confirmed that the scooter was still in his garden.

Voi are conducting electric scooter trials across the country as part of a Department for Transport aim to enhance green transport.