Rushden Lakes launch new accessibility guide for disabled visitors

Information about every area of the complex is available

Saturday, 16th October 2021, 7:00 am

Visitors to Rushden Lakes who live with mobility problems or have additional needs will be able to plan their day using the information gleaned from an accessibility audit.

As part of the AccessAble accreditation scheme, guests can see detailed information about each of the areas at the shopping centre with photos and descriptions.

Listed for each section is information including if there are wayfinding posts, if an external area is covered, the type of flooring, what types of seating can be found in the area, the colour contrast between the walls and floor in all areas, the number of steps if any and if there is background music played.

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Rushden Lakes customers can research the facilities before they arrive

A spokesman for Rushden Lakes said: "Going shopping is something many of us take for granted - or actively look forward to doing - but for persons with a disability, and all those with accessibility requirements, visiting somewhere for the first time can be a daunting prospect.

"We know that 98 per cent of people with disabilities and carers look for accessibility information before visiting somewhere for the first time and 76 per cent of people have not visited somewhere they wanted to because they couldn't find the information they needed."

The Crown Estate, owners of Rushden Lakes partnered with AccessAble to conduct detailed accessibility audits and produce guides for all of their retail parks and shopping centres.

AccessAble have produced hundreds of accessibility guides with the all-you-need-to know facts about the accessible toilet facilities, parking, walking distances, door widths, colour contrast, seating, and public transport with all the relevant facts, figures, and photographs.

The guide shows key information for guests about the shopping complex

The guide is available for free by clicking here at, and on the AccessAble App.

For more information or to give feedback contact AccessAble at [email protected]