Rushden 'deliberate' field fire destroys haystacks, hedgerow and stubble field

The fire spread across the field

Fire officers believe the cause of a blaze that destroyed two hay bale stacks, a hedgerow and approximately 150sqm of stubble near Rushden was probably deliberate.

Three crews worked with the farmer who used farm equipment to create a break in the field to prevent the fire from spreading further on the large field fire off Ditchford Lane.

Firefighters used hoses as well as beaters to prevent fire spreading and to get the flames under control after being called to the scene yesterday (August 4) at 9.09pm.

Firefighters on the scene in Ditchford Lane, Rushden

A spokesman for Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “The most probable cause of the fire was deliberate.

"As firefighters got the flames under control, the incident was scaled down with one crew leaving the scene at around 10.15pm and another at 11.25pm.”

Crews remained at the scene damping down, checking for hot spots, to ensure no further fire spread.

Call Firestoppers anonymously on 0800 1695558 to report deliberate fires.

The haystacks on fire at Ditchford Lane, near Rushden