Public health boss settles political row over door-to-door campaigning in Corby

Labour members in Corby had criticised Conservative counterparts for campaigning in local neighbourhoods in the past week

Saturday, 10th April 2021, 9:00 am
Image: Getty / JPI Media.

The Director of Public health has confirmed that door-knocking is legal and permissible during the election campaign, despite Corby s steadily-high Covid rates.

During the past week, Labour members in the town had been publicly critical of their Conservative counterparts who had been out in the town launching their on-the-street political campaign for their North Northamptonshire Council Candidates.

Tory members and supporters had been out in various parts of Corby over the Easter weekend knocking on doors of local people to talk to them about the election.

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Labour campaigners they were under the impression there had been a 'gentleman's agreement' that no canvassing would take place. They urged supporters to report door-knocking candidates to public health bosses.

Liberal Democrat spokesman Chris Stanbra said his party had been knocking on doors in the past week and had done so wearing face-masks, had maintained social distancing and had not gone out in large groups.

Rates in Corby are the highest in the country and the town is currently one of only a handful that has a seven-day rate of more than 100 cases in 100,000 people.

Now Lucy Wightman has given her view on the topic. Speaking yesterday's countywide Covid press conference, she said: "Door-knocking is permitted by the current restrictions and regulations.

"Our job is to make sure, with activities that are permitted, that give guidance to ensure they are as safe as possible."

Canvassing has been halted this weekend by all political groups following the death of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.