Outpouring of love for our posties across Corby, Kettering, East Northants and Wellingborough

It follows our story this morning about a coronavirus outbreak at a Royal Mail delivery office

By Kate Cronin
Friday, 5th June 2020, 1:09 pm
Updated Friday, 5th June 2020, 1:10 pm
We Love Our Posties!
We Love Our Posties!

People from across the north of our county have expressed their gratitude for their key-working posties who have continued doing their rounds during the coronavirus epidemic.

This morning, the Northants Telegraph reported the sad news that Wellingborough's Royal Mail delivery depot in Midland Road had been hit by a Covid-19 outbreak and that one worker, believed to be an Irthlingborough postie, is in critical care.

Since then, people have taken to social media to thank their own posties for their fantastic service over the past few months.

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On our Facebook page, Gillian Crowe said: "A shout out to the postman for Barrington Road, Rushden. Always has a smile."

Jo-dee Catlin said: "Our postmen north end of Kettering are all absolutely excellent. And also the Hermes delivery lady in the red car and dark hair has been amazing."

Amanda Keating said: "Our postman is amazing and I honestly think all posties are, imagine the moaning if they decided it wasn't safe for them to go to work, thank you and stay safe, hope they all recover really well and quickly."

And Shayna Lea Toska of Shelley Road in Wellingborough said: " Can I give a shout out to my postman? I don’t know his name but he’s such a kind, thoughtful man. I know he was off last week (because I think he was having a well deserved holiday), I hope he’s ok."

Claire Mayhew said: "My husband is a postie, it's a worrying time...I'm just glad that they seem to be appreciated on their rounds much more than before this epidemic."

And Mary Carr said: "Shout out to our postie Bob hes brilliant."

A message from Sarah Falconer read: "Our postman has been very good. Always puts parcels on the doorstep and knocks. Walks away. I wave from my window and he just carries on to his next delivery. I'm pleased as I'm shielding. I hope the post guys and ladies will be OK."

Denise Ison said: "Our postman is a very nice man. They work so hard there. Thank you for all you do."

And Sandra Payne said: "We should all be grateful they have continued to provide a reliable and service. Our star post person is Wendy."

Jane Turnell said: "Hope they get well soon they all do a great job thank you."