Older learners prove it's never too late to pass your driving test in Kettering and Wellingborough

The oldest person to pass their test was 105 years old

By Alison Bagley
Sunday, 27th December 2020, 7:00 am

The age of the oldest people to pass their driving tests at two county centres in 2020 has been revealed.

Drivers need to have reached 17- years-old to sit a theory test and hold a provisional licence.

Not until the first part of the test has successfully been passed can the learner driver take their practical test.

Information held by the The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency has shown that the oldest person to pass their driving test at Kettering's driving test centre this year was aged 70.

At nearby Wellingborough driving test centre the oldest candidate to pass was a mere 53.

Once drivers reach the age of 70, their licence expires, but this doesn't automatically mean they have to stop driving. They need to renew the driving licence to continue every three years. Renewal is free of charge.

Categories of vehicle covered on the old licence need to be renewed per category otherwise the holder will only be able to drive a car in future.

L plates

Anyone who has developed a medical condition or disability that could affect their driving must tell the DVLA, even if they not yet due to renew the licence. This also applies if a condition has worsened since the licence was issued.

It's a legal obligation to declare certain conditions to the DVLA including the medical conditions of dementia, diabetes if it’s insulin-treated, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, any chronic neurological condition, such as multiple sclerosis, any condition that affects both eyes, or total loss of sight in one eye.

Other health conditions may need to be declared but having a medical condition doesn’t always affect the licence.

In 2017, Eileen Ash from Norfolk became the oldest person in Britain to pass a driving test, after taking the practical exam.

The veteran motorist had first started driving in the 1930s as anyone who had their licence before 1934 didn’t need to take a test at all.

If you are over 70 you can renew your licence online by clicking here.