Northamptonshire PC sacked for taking off in a police car, speeding on blues ’n twos without authority and crashing into another vehicle

Disciplinary panel rules gross misconduct over breach of professional standards

Friday, 5th August 2022, 11:19 am

Northamptonshire Police has sacked a constable who crashed a force vehicle while speeding to an incident despite not having clearance to do more than ‘basic’ driving.

A disciplinary panel found PC Jordan Logue exceeded his driving authority by using ‘blues ’n twos’ and exceeding the speed limit on his way to a job he had not been sent to, without telling the force control room.

Last month’s hearing ruled Logue breached the standards of professional behaviour in respect of his use of a marked police vehicle and his dealings with colleagues and supervisors. He was ruled guilty of gross misconduct and told he would be dismissed without notice.

A disciplinary hearing ruled a Northamptonshire Police officer should be sacked for exceeding his driving authority

According to details of the case released by the force, Logue had gone to an incident on February 16, 2021.

A statement said: “The officer self-deployed to an incident and did not notify the Force Control Room.

“On driving to the incident, he exceeded his driving authority by using blue lights and sirens and exceeded the speed limit.

“On the journey he collided with a member of public’s vehicle, causing damage.

“When spoken to by an inspector the officer denied using blue lights and sirens. Subsequently the officer accepted this to a Superintendent.

“At all material times he was aware that his authority to drive a marked police vehicle on duty was limited to that which applied to the ‘basic operational’ driving authority.”

The panel ruled Logue breached the standards of professional behaviour relating to orders and instructions, duties and responsibilities, discreditable conduct and honesty and integrity.