No sad oompa loompas as Corby pupils win golden tickets to visit Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory - at their school

The school has been transformed

Children and staff have been transported into a world of pure imagination thanks to the creative minds at Kingswood Primary Academy in Corby for World Book Day.

Thanks to school administrator Angie Middleton and her team, the assembly hall was festooned with lollipops, chocolate bars and crazy confections and entry was by a lucky golden ticket.

Head of academy Kerry Langley – dressed as Charlie Bucket’s grandma for the day – welcomed the lucky ticket winners to the hall and a feast of cake and hot buttered toast.

She said: “World Book Day is a tradition here at Kingswood. It’s fantastic that all the staff and children get immersed into it. All the teachers will be reading stories and sharing their favourite books – all dressed as characters. The children will have library time and we’ve held two competitions – one to decorate a paper plate as a book character and a reading challenge.”

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