Baby Basics is appealing for donations ahead of Mother’s Day as ‘need just keeps growing’

The charity wants to make sure all mums feel ‘special and loved’

A Northamptonshire charity is appealing for donations ahead of Mother’s Day in a bid to make sure all mums have the essentials they need.

Baby Basics, based in Wollaston, wants all mums to feel “special and loved” this Mother’s Day, which it hopes to achieve by distributing as many of its essentials packs as possible.

To do this, the charity is appealing for more donations as the demand and “need just keeps growing”.

Volunteers at Baby Basics Northampton.

Sabrina Oakey, volunteer lead and donation coordinator said: “As we previously saw in 2021 our need has increased.

“There are so many mums in need in our local communities, sometimes going unnoticed by society.

“We are seeing so many referrals coming through from our health professionals even just in the first three months of 2022.

“To ensure every mum in need is supported we are asking our amazing Northamptonshire community to support each other.

“We have very kindly been supported by so many, but the need just keeps growing.”

The charity has given out more than 1,700 packs in nine years thanks to the community's support.

Just £10 could purchase an entire set for a mum to go into one of our starter packs, which include maternity and breast pads, shampoo’s, shower gels, toothbrush,

Donations can be made online, here, or you can purchase items directly from the charity’s Amazon wishlist.

To find out more, search 'Baby Basics Northampton' on Facebook.